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Hi Dave, who will be credited on Bass for the new record?

There are a few moments on songs that I am playing bass parts, but overall the bass duties are split between Dave Sitek and Chris Chaney, both creative and talented players. Chaney will be touring with us when the tour to support the album begins. He is the only bassist that has recorded a full length album with us and is truly a member of the JA family besides Avery, especially on the road. we are certainly lucky to have him.  Sitek is deeply involved in his band TVOTR and has commitments throughout the year. His collaborative effort on this album has been both inspiring and unusual. It’s strange to write with a guy who by all accounts is a member of the team, yet has very little investment in the project following the release. He worries ONLY about what we are making. He doesn’t have to tour, answer questions in the press and make this his life for a while. That kind of perspective is both unique, invaluable and hard to come by. He only cares about the music and nothing more, he goes back to TVOTR when he finishes working with us.

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